MadiDrop Press Briefing

MadiDrop PBC announces fundamental shift in addressing safe drinking water and safe storage

At MadiDrop PBC, we’re changing the way that people think about safe water.

It shouldn’t matter how water is accessed or how it is stored. The solution to water contamination should be simple to use, require minimal instructions, provide effective treatment at low cost, and keep daily and stored water safe from contamination.

A big part of the problem is keeping clean water safe. Even if households have access to pre-filtered water or a reliable, clean source, the water often becomes contaminated due to poor hygiene or unsafe storage practices.

Representing a fundamental shift in water treatment, MadiDrop PBC is addressing this major unresolved issue in water contamination – how to protect daily drinking water and prevent recontamination with a low cost, easy-to-use solution.

The MadiDrop is the solution. It is an all-natural ceramic tablet that makes household drinking water safer to drink by controlling pathogens through the release of silver ions. Silver ions remain in the container, providing residual protection in stored water for extended periods.

The MadiDrop also works very well with other technologies, such as biosand and ceramic filters, where recontamination is likely. One MadiDrop in 10 liters of water ensures that a family of five will have safe water on a daily basis for at least six months – no matter where they get their water, how they treat it or how they store it – for just pennies a day.